Left Hand Lamp, 2022

Eye Stimulation pt. 1-3, 2020



Done directly on the walls of Altered Space Gallery as a study in visual stimulations using simplistic, receptive lines to create confusion in an orderly manner. The longer you stare, the more comes through. This study allowed for pure imagination to come forward to each viewer; patterns and non-deliberate images appear and disappear randomly. Structured within and invisible frame pushes the eyes inward, and the mind too.

Berlin, 2020, mixed media.

Book Covers, 2018 - 2021


Hand illustrated book covers for Black Letter Press, who specialises in the revival of rare and antique books: History of science, poetry and word fiction, occult philosophy, art and much more. Sarah, after reading the books, imagined up an illustration that complements the subject matter within the pages, in addition to the imagination of the publishers and herself, creating vibrant, geometry mixed with esoteric underlays and organic flows of nature and compositions to entice readers inwards.

The Left Hand Path, 2020


Presented at Altered Space Gallery in Berlin on Mid-Summer 2020, Sarah created and transformed, not only the physical space, but the mental and emotional landscapes as well. Debuting her first installation series entitled ‘The Left Hand Path’, Sarah presented to the viewer an invitation to question the perspectives of architectural ordinariness. How can a space transform mood? What limits can be pushed and manipulated in interior architecture to create that mood and evoke feeling? Thus inspiring a thought provoking, in-depth examination and questioning the embodiment of space, with the inherent theory of shadow and lighting; the creation of visual depth. This is an exploration of crossing boundaries; a multifaceted work of architectural metamorphosis, constructed into a surrealistic, dream-like state of form, repetition and anatomy.  ‘The Left Hand Path’ is an exhibition of an on-going exploration of self ignited in the transformation and rebirth of interior spaces: a nonrestrictive evolution of Interior Architecture and Industrial design in the realms of spacial alteration.

Dragon & Eagle, 2018