LimeFx cheating
LimeFx cheating

You can contact BAPPEPTI’s complaints department here and ask them to investigate. We also have a report a scam broker form which we use to gather information so that we get the word out. Both social media and cryptocurrency are great tools for criminals who want to disguise themselves. People can use whatever name they want on social media, and cryptocurrency is almost untraceable. Once someone pays a scammer they met on social media with cryptocurrency, it’s impossible to get their money back. While BAPPEBTI is responsible for all brokers with an office in Indonesia, it has no authority over brokers based outside of the country.

However, there are no shares in LimeFx to trade, which is why you have to make small cuts. When you speculate in the futures markets, you have the ability to purchase contracts on margin. This means you can control a large amount of metal at a fraction of its value. Small price swings in either direction could mean significant limefx gains, or you could lose significantly more than you initially invested. Sufficient evidence supports the award of restitution for losses sustained in the leveraged-metals scheme. F. Restitution is proper only for losses sustained in the leveraged-metals scheme, not for losses sustained in the unregistered-futures scheme.

LimeFx cheating

Second, the Defendants’ lawyers, while preparing to defend against that action, never suggested to the CFTC or anyone else that such an action might violate the settlement agreement with the NFA. For these reasons, we find no error in the district court’s denial of the Defendants’ motion for summary judgment based on the affirmative defense of equitable estoppel. At the summary-judgment stage of the case, the parties filed dueling motions. The district court granted the CFTC’s motion in part, holding that the Defendants had conducted off-exchange transactions and had failed to register as futures commission merchants. On our website, you can see that some users have reported scams. You can check our platform for information before trading.

The intrinsic qualities of the trader—not his or her failure to register—would be the likely cause of the loss, to say nothing of market fluctuations. Regulated by 10 different authorities, MultiBank offers trading on over 20,000 instruments, including Forex, indices, share CFDs, commodities and cryptocurrencies. Multibank’s Standard Account has a minimum deposit of 50 USD and Islamic accounts are available for all Indonesian traders.

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This brings us to the final issue in this case—restitution. The district court awarded restitution for losses arising from both schemes. First, it awarded $1,543,892 for losses sustained in the leveraged-metals scheme, in which the Defendants accepted customers’ money for LimeFx in metals but instead invested the funds in futures. The Defendants challenge both awards, arguing that the CFTC failed to prove, as required by the CEA, that the Defendants’ violations of the CEA proximately caused their customers’ losses.

On ifs-markets, the average spread for the EUR/USD currency pair is — pips, while on hantec-markets the spread is –. In this order I had my SL and TP set, the market crossed my TP level by 21 pips but still, it didn’t trigger my TP. After that, I tried manually closing the trade but the platform didn’t allow me to do so. I restarted the mt4 platform and tried it again the next 15 minutes several times but still didn’t work.

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This allows you to get the best prices in the market and open and close trades in less than a second. Another crucial difference between metals and futures is that metals can be held indefinitely, whereas futures almost always limefx broker reviews have expiration dates. The district court correctly applied the law to these facts. “Whether a misrepresentation has been made depends on the ‘overall message’ and the ‘common understanding of the information conveyed.’ ” R.J.

Deposits via Skrill to LimeFx are not subject to processing fees. Skrill is owed by Paysafe Group and is one of the world’s largest digital wallet providers. Skrill offering a digital wallet payment solution allowing consumers and businesses to pay – and get paid – instantly and globally. With a Skrill account you can connect all your payment options and use them with just an email address and password – without revealing financial details. A secure, easy and quick way to fund your LimeFx trading account.

Is LimeFx scam or safe Broker?

Forex, CFDs and Binary Options carry a high level of risk. Australian Scamwatch warns against offers of upfront recovery assistance. World stock markets fell for the second consecutive day on Wednesday and bond yields plunged … Due to the lack of information on the revocation of the license or shares against LimeFx in Cyprus, it can be assumed that most likely the Ukrainian police object was a dishonest broker who pretended to be a legitimate company. Details of the operation against LimeFx’s “fraudulent financial pyramid” were released on the Ukrainian police website.

LimeFx cheating

In conclusion, LimeFx is one of the few top brokers worldwide that can be recommended with a clear conscience. Start now with the free demo account and test the provider yourself. For withdrawal, the broker may request additional documents from you. For example, if you want to withdraw to a new bank account, LimeFx will ask for a bank statement to actually confirm the account.


LimeFx runs its own LimeFx Academy designed to support and educate traders from all over the world. There are developed learning materials designed by the level of experience and covering essentials and including further development by learning how to manage risks smarter and finishing up with the practice. Thre are free and simple to use apps suitable for iPhone and Android devices, supporting MT5 and MT4 versions as well, so you can remain updated about trading on the go.

I have search a long time for the best broker,but now i have found ceaser trade. But despite MoneyGram’s significant LimeFx in the team, chief marketing officer Greg Hall stressed that the identity of the team’s second driver “is not a decision for us, this is a racing decision”. “We started to be a little bit more of an American thing since it became much more prominent here in the States,” said Steiner. “But we always knew that it would take some time for the companies to realise what it is because we had the fans joining F1 but the big companies cannot say ‘oh we are going to now make big sponsorship’. Haas’s wider sponsorship portfolio is also contributing to this.

Read our experiences and get a detailed overview of the conditions, advantages, and disadvantages for traders. The district court’s factual findings on the “misrepresentation” element reflect no clear error. With the many references to “physical metals,” “physical possession,” and “storage,” Southern Trust’s brochure, website, brokers, and account-opening documents collectively represented that the company offered LimeFxs in metals.

Steiner said “yes I would say so” when asked if the MoneyGram deal was Haas’s biggest financially since coming into F1 in 2016, and stressed the importance of hitting the cost cap in terms of its potential to fight for top results. Any action you take upon the information you find on this website is strictly at your own risk and we will not be liable for any losses and/or damages in the use of our website. All information on is only published for general information purposes.

FG may increase Abuja-Kaduna fares The Guardian Nigeria News … – Guardian Nigeria

FG may increase Abuja-Kaduna fares The Guardian Nigeria News ….

Posted: Tue, 02 Jan 2018 08:00:00 GMT [source]

However, we have not been able to find detailed information on commissions. Also seems the broker is relatively new too I don’t know why I had to invest this these people I want my money back. I will update on this development of this outcome I hope the regulator will take serious action against this scam broker. No other broker is offering better deals and such a great support. Details I have written to you in the application for withdrawal. Actually I can’t understand about withdrawing system , times and their rules..

My platform freezed, screen immediately went black and it came back on written “no connection” After around 4 or 5 minutes my trade was no longer there and all the money in my account was gone. Guys, I thought I was the only one facing huge problems with LimeFx. On the previous FOMC I traded gold, and it wiped my account. I made a sell stop order and at first it went down and triggered my TP and went even beyond my TP but as always it just froze and only came back when the trade was going up, and I was on a loss.

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We do not present any LimeFx advice or guarantees for the accuracy and reliability of the information. Their spread are manipulative specially when you are a good trader …. The deactivate your stop loss especially when you are a good trader …. I smell something fishy with LimeFx, they keep deactivating my account when I don’t trade for a week or two when i have cents in my account and when i re-activate it my balance is 0. We apologize for your experience and will do everything we can to look into your case. You can send us a private message on our Facebook or Instagram (@LimeFx) with your email and account number in order for us to escalate your case.

When our experts review brokers, they will open their own accounts and trade through the broker’s trading platform. This enables them to comprehensively evaluate the quality, ease of use, and function of the platform. We really appreciate you taking the time to share your trading experience. We’d be happy to assist you with your issues if you require further review of your trade. If you can provide us with the following information, we can escalate this with our team. I was trading Gold with profit, had a stop loss in place.

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Some brokers will operate a managed account for you, but this is rare. There are independent money managers who can manage your account while they are trading for themselves. It is vital that you understand the minimum deposit requirements and additional risks involved when trading CFDs.

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