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After clicking on the “Pay with credit card” button, the client will be transferred to the page where they’ll be able to enter their credit card information and make the purchase. These are errors that must be fixed to run clean books and ensure everything in your business is in sync. This is also critical in the event an organization is ever audited. That is is why applying partial payment appropriately is critical to keeping an up-to-date general ledger. The only way to ensure there are no payment or application errors is to regularly run a list of all open customer invoices.

Feature access may require the latest QuickBooks’ update. Input the amount and then select a category by clicking it. If you notice something that should be changed in the invoice,you can correct it right in Synder, with no need to go back to QuickBooks online. Just click the invoice you want to change and you’ll be able to make edits to it.

Payments made through Payment links are shown as customer credits. Nothing changes in your books until you apply the credit to the invoice. Your customers can’t change the amount or pay partially.

Then you have to select the payment option for the particular customer that you chose to make available for them and then select OK. Next, after the Save and Send option, QuickBooks will display a preview of the invoice. In the preview, you need to choose a payment method .

Time zone cannot be edited from this page, this field will reflect the time zone selected in your General Settings. Time zone in DEAR does not need to match time zone in QBO and time zone settings do not affect one another. After that, you have to add the products and services that you want to sell. Now, your client or customer will receive an email with a link and the invoice. In thebody of the email you can paste the payment link along with the rest of your message. 2 – QuickBooks Payments accounts subject to eligibility criteria, credit, and application approval.

After performing all the steps, you need to click on Send and Close to email your invoice. Any advice on what questions to ask developers, or does anyone know if this type of process exists with any company right now. Open the invoice inside of QuickBooks and click the Save and send button. Security Reduce your liability when handling customer card data. Materials within this feature, including graphic illustrations, were developed from various pre-release versions of QuickBooks Desktop 2023. Therefore, the final product version you may acquire may appear, act, or be functionally different from that illustrated or described herein.

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QuickBooks users can keep track of all Payment Links and statuses from the enhanced Dashboard. We provide round the clock technical assistance with an assurance of resolving any issues within minimum turnaround time. You can also choose the Payment links icon available on the Home Screen to see the dashboard. In addition, Laura Madeira provided some images, and the Author prepared additional graphic images used in this feature from pre-release copies of QuickBooks 2022. Ask questions, get answers, and join our large community of QuickBooks users. In her spare time, she’s a self-proclaimed chef, lives in the middle of the woods, and has a frequent flyer card for birdseed and dog bones.


Your DEAR account base currency must be supported by QuickBook Payments. Learn about how to use the DEAR web interface, including purchase, sale, inventory, production, financials, and reports modules. Select the Role list tab and create a new role on the Users and Roles window. Now the next step is to click on the Payments and Company Preference tab. From the Edit option choose Preference, then click on Payments. You can select an already added Customer or also Add a New Customer.

How to Pay QuickBooks Invoice with Credit Card

Now you have the option to change the payment option for the invoice then select the Change link and mark the checkboxes for payment options and then click on save. The next step is to choose the payment option and click on Your customer can pay online using. Now the last step is to send an online invoice to the customers, for this you have to follow the given steps.You have to Create invoices from the “customer” menu. Sometimes, if the payment link is unavailable that may be due to the Email Preferences being set to Plain Text. For this, you can try your Accounts and Settings, and then you can check if there are any changes to Sales Preferences.

Customers can pay this just by selecting the Pay Now button in their email. Setting up online invoices helps to get you paid quickly directly in your account, for this you have to sign in to your QuickBooks payments. Follow the given step if you don’t have a QuickBooks account. The invoice status will automatically change to “partial” after following the steps above. Once you apply partial payment in QBO, a business has a few options, like reissuing the invoice to a customer.

First of all, Click the Import available on the Home Screen. For selecting the file, click on “select your file,” Alternatively, you can also click “Browse file” to browse and choose the desired file. You can also click on the “View sample file” to go to the Dancing Numbers sample file. Then, set up the mapping of the file column related to QuickBooks fields. To review your file data on the preview screen, just click on “next,” which shows your file data.

How to Apply Payment to Invoice in QuickBooks

Dancing Numbers template file does this automatically; you just need to download the Dancing Number Template file. We provide you support through different channels (Email/Chat/Phone) for your issues, doubts, and queries. We are always available to resolve your issues related to Sales, Technical Queries/Issues, and ON boarding questions in real-time. You can even get the benefits of anytime availability of Premium support for all your issues. To use the service, you have to open both the software QuickBooks and Dancing Numbers on your system. To import the data, you have to update the Dancing Numbers file and then map the fields and import it.

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See important payment link information in theQuickBooks Desktop Payment Links Terms of Service. Payments made via the payment links are displayed as customer credits. Nothing is altered in your books until the credit to invoice is applied.

Customers can use the link to pay in seconds, rather than having to pay manually through their bank. The result is a human-error-free payment solution, better cashflow management and less unpaid invoices. Payment links are a payment tool that lets QuickBooks Desktop users collect payments because they send a payment link to their customer to get paid quickly. Payment links can also collect advanced payment before work begins or an invoice is created, making payment links extremely convenient. A new customer usually has a few questions when dealing with a partial payment amount. There are different steps that are dictated by accounts payable and accounts receivable.


Furthermore, using Dancing Numbers saves a lot of your time and money which you can otherwise invest in the growth and expansion of your business. It is free from any human errors, works automatically, and has a brilliant user-friendly interface and a lot more. It is possible to create invoices automatically in QuickBooks.

Upon further investigation, it turns out they were using Payment Links and Intuit has made it available for not just 2022, but for 2021 software. Look for the specific bill you want to make partial payments to and enter the necessary amount into the amount due column. Select the check mark to choose it for the partial payment. Whether you are a small business or large enterprise, when money is tight, adhering to payment dates on invoices can be tough.

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It depends on whether you are bench accountinging money received from a vendor or paying on an outstanding balance. If you wish your customers should pay you online, then it is imperative that you activate your particular merchant service. If the Intuit merchant service is not activated, it is not possible to conduct any online transaction or payment.


In this guide you’ll learn how to pay QuickBooks invoice with credit card. As soon as the payment comes through, it will close the corresponding invoice in your QuickBooks company. Are you tired of following up on late or past due receivables?

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When going through the checkout of a DEAR B2B sale, the customer can select QuickBooks Payments as a payment method. After confirming the order, the customer can select Pay with card to be taken to the secure payment gateway. When this setting is enabled, the customer will be prompted to enter billing address information at the payment screen. When the setting is disabled, the customer will not need to entire billing address on the payment screen.

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