Sarah B Bolen is a girl who lives and tattoos in Berlin. She has over 10 years of experience and really really likes her job! She is constantly dreaming and working on new concepts to move into a direction that is beyond her personal exceptions. She is a healthy workaholic. Every moment of pushing herself results in total happiness and further evolving herself as an artist.


In addition to a long and happy career in tattooing, Sarah also has a degree in Interior Architecture in which she has focused into chandelier design and antique collecting. She also has a really nice apartment.


The little things in life make Sarah the happiest: She is closet florets and avid bike rider. She loves Star Trek the Next Generation way too much and Sandman comics are her favourite. Music is a forever ongoing obsession.


She enjoys laying on the floor listening to records in a dream-like state thinking about drawing ideas and romantic stuff. She regularly sings while tattooing – to which she claims in uncontrollable but makes for an enjoyable, fun and relaxed tattooing experience.


Sarah also is one of the most positive and happy ladies around. Everything has silver lining to her. She is blessed with the the most amazing friends. She thinks she is the luckiest.


The End.


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